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    By Roza Riaikkenen

    Published in Australian Theosophical Society Newsletter N90 December 2006


    When we find a “seed” of real wisdom, real Truth, in the writings of the real spiritual Messengers, like H.P.Blavatsky, this “seed”, if it appears in the blessed condition of our keen perception, may sprout in the field of our soul. But before sprouting, it will go through a long and difficult process of development inside our soul. This process is like carrying a baby and giving birth. It requires our sacrifice and endless patience in life experiences that allow the “seed” to develop and manifest.

    If we are sacrificial and patient enough, then in due time the “seed” will sprout, and we will receive the harvest with other “seeds” that proceeded from the original “seed”, but are already our own creations, fed by our blood and inner fire of our soul. Then we can sow them in the fields of human souls and expect them to develop and sprout there in their time.

    This is a working mechanism for any sower, either in the field of nature, or in the field of knowledge: to receive the following generation of seeds, you have to allow the original seed to go through the stages of development and manifestation, and to provide proper conditions for this sacred process with your effort. In the case of knowledge, you have to experience anything in connection with the “seed” and to draw a lesson, which provides you with the new knowledge.

    Of course, we can try to quickly “catch” the term, the statement, the quotation, and try to disseminate it as it is, just referring to the source and not bothering ourselves with the lengthy and difficult process of deep understanding and experiencing, the process that inevitably leads us to our spiritual uplifting. But the “seed” has no chance of surviving and sprouting without the special conditions of our soul. Such “seeds” of knowledge will not ignite anyone else. No harvest will be received in humanity’s consciousness.

    Perhaps, this is why the Masters continuously pass their messages through different messengers, finding in different corners of our planet people who are ready to put themselves at the disposal of the Hierarchy of Light for the purpose of transferring this spiritual Light to humanity.