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    by Roza & Margarita Riaikkenen

    Partly published as “Control over Time – is it Possible?” in Australian Theosophical Society Newsletter N87 December 2005



    What is Time? What is our Time? Is it an outward condition beyond human control? Or maybe it is an inner state that we utilize somehow?  If the latter is correct, then maybe we can control our Time? If we can control Time, then it is possible for us to change our inward condition that defines our age, creative abilities and even perhaps the length of our life!

    Everyone will have noticed that sometimes, in different situations, for a certain interval of time, the usual flow of events changes. It seems that this particular interval lasts longer than others, depending upon what we are doing/thinking at the time.

    We used to live in the countryside at one time in our lives. We noticed that the time of a seed is different at different stages of its existence: time flows slowly, almost unnoticeably for weeks, and then a sudden explosion – the seed sprouts! The same with a plant, a leaf, a flower. Months of slow preparation – and a sudden leap into a different condition!

    We began to examine different manifestations of nature for the same phenomenon. Any observation of life within and around us provided us such examples of changes in time. The experience of giving birth: the developmental “clocks” of a baby in the womb are ticking visibly faster than the “clocks” of the surroundings, looking at the speed of the baby’s growth and development. The amazing change from the condition when baby isn’t yet born, and after an instant – it is here! As the baby grows, it develops and learns at a much higher pace than an adult. Also, our experience was of appearing in a different time condition when being in a state of intense creativity, such as painting a picture, writing a book or playing music.

    We came to understand that Time is not an even coordinate flowing from the past to the future, as most people picture it. Its flow possesses more or less condensed areas. Let us imagine multi-dimensional Space and the source of Time in Space. From this point of view, Time can look like waves spreading from this source in all dimensions.

    As we know, certain events of life become repeated and form cycles like the cycle of a seed growing into a plant, which produces seeds that return to the soil, sprout and form plants again. Of course, something changes from one cycle to another – either the quality or the quantity of new plants and seeds - but the cyclic process remains intact. Looking from this angle, we can “stretch” the waves of Time into a “serpent” rolling its coils through multi-dimensional Space.

    As we understand it, Time originates from the source of all Existence (we call this source Spirit), and it is an uninterrupted flow of waves, or coils of the eternal Serpent of Time. Time as a Serpent is leading to the cyclic-spiral way of development for all living entities, from universes to human beings. The pressure of Time waves’ density produces “standing” waves in certain regions of Space, where life forms human civilizations, which develop and grow old, and become destroyed and replaced by new younger civilizations.

    Within the source (Spirit), Time possesses endless density. With Its Fire and Light, and the waves of Time density Spirit creates (projects) the holographic universe, and forms in this universe separate objects – separated by Time that can be also understood as an “envelope” of any object, as this is explained in the teaching and book Kalagia by Alexander Naumkin. Density is different in the “envelope” and in the inner “core”. The “core” is connected with the Spirit, and in fact is Spirit of itself. There is neither past nor future there – everything exists “now”. Hence, we have found that from the “core” it is possible to control Time!

    The Seeker, whose spiritual conditions are advancing, though continuing movement along the common flow of Time, simultaneously moves closer to the “core” (Spirit) that carries infinite potential, including the infinite density of Time.   

      If we agree with the statement that we are projected by Spirit as holograms, as we depicted in our book The Laws of Life*, in which we have also made references and translations from Kalagia (that was available only in Russian), then we can understand that our time is the inner property of our hologram, and we consciously or subconsciously influence it when we make changes in any aspect of our hologram’s condition. To be able to consciously control time and change its condition would lead to that what most people would call a “miracle”. For example, to be not hit by a bullet that flies directly towards us just because we have slightly changed our time and the bullet missed us. It sometimes happens spontaneously at the moment of greatest danger, when we intuitively apply to our inner spirit, or God, to be saved or to fulfill the duty that may be more important than life at that particular moment.

    We call these things “miracles” because we are yet unaware of our ability to work such “miracles”. In reality, control over Time is the ability that any creator has to open for himself or herself. We can guess that the giants of mind like H.P.Blavatsky (founder of the Theosophical Society) or Leo Tolstoy (famous Russian author and philanthropist) have done so. If we were able to align our inner time with that of their advanced consciousness, then the seemingly impossible, meeting with the spiritual world of such giants, could become the possible.

    How can we master the ability of controlling our inner Time? Obviously, we can do it by changing our state of consciousness that affects any condition of our life including the properties of our personal Time. The advancement of consciousness is a spiritual path in itself. So, what are the obstacles on this path which prevent us from gaining control over Time?

    It appears that the main obstacle is our desire to be attached to the definite condition of existence that suits us and is connected with a definite position in Time. We desire to be anything in the time we call “our time”: to have our status in this time.  To feel ourselves comfortable, we need to be “visible” and recognized by the society of our time, to possess our niche in the social formations of this time. Our status is made out of our reflections in the minds of other people of this particular time, and for this purpose we tie ourselves to the moment of recognition. We desire to be approved by other people and social formations, whose opinion seems to be important for us at that time, and we make decisions attaching us to their desires.  We become the “slaves of Time”, and are drifting in its flow without any conscious awareness.

    Usually, when we are identified and recognized, we feel safe – we have landed in a definite spot of space and time. But our desire for a tranquil and decent life can play tricks on us. Sometimes we don’t even recognize that our “niche” has in truth become our cage, a prison for our soul.

    In this prison, we are caught by Time; we ourselves fix it, cling to it, and tie our “balloons” of endeavour to it so that they lose their ability to fly. We identify with our imprisoned condition. We accept the definitions we have received from society, and begin sincerely thinking of ourselves as we see ourselves in its mirror.

    Our time is limited by daily plans and achievements. At the very least, it is limited with the length of the existence of the physical body because we think that the end of our physical body means the end of that what we understand as ourselves. In such a way we produce an image of an interrupted time of our existence and imprint this image in consciousness and our behavior patterns. We want it all and we want it now! We don’t care about the possible long term consequences of our deeds. We don’t feel responsible for them. We know exactly where we are, what we possess, and we can guess with a great probability when we will achieve the goals of our plans, have a good rest and then die, finishing our Time.  Do we have any other option? We have found that we have if we are willing and able to reorient our consciousness, to transfer its attitude from the outward aspects of our life to its inner spiritual meaning.

    The concept of reorienting consciousness opens for us humans a way of working with Time, of changing and controlling its density. It opens for us the possibility of “squeezing” time and changing its condition for creativity. It also opens the possibility of letting our mind to travel “out of time”.

    Have you ever noticed that sometimes people rearing children or working with them look younger than we could expect them to look at their age? It happens when adults adopt the children’s natural ability to learn and develop. Children are yet unattached to their social status. In fact, their status is fast changing together with their growth and learning. For example: yesterday you were the oldest and strongest in the kindergarten, and today you are just prep at school! In normal conditions, children willingly accept their new roles and undertake the challenges that come with them. They are interested in anything new.

    If we, adults, were also ready to undergo constant changes with their challenges in our life and to constantly renounce our obsolete knowledge and achieved statuses for the continuation of learning, then we could align our time to the time of a child. In this case our time would be denser than the personal time of an ordinary adult who is confident that he already knows everything necessary to maintain his or her status and habitual way of life.

    There is a multitude of opportunities and techniques of working with consciousness, and consequently with time, at our disposal. For example, a follower of Zen Buddhism detaches himself from the outward time to appear in the condition “out of time”. An eager inventor (writer, painter or musician) receives the purpose of creativity from the Spirit within. He/she concentrates on the perceived idea, and “squeezes” time, penetrating to the “core” to fulfill the purpose. Spiritually advanced people, like Leonardo da Vinci, an artist, inventor, engineer, architect and writer simultaneously, multiply the dimensions of their creativity and appear in the multi-dimensionality of their inner Spirit, changing their personal time in this way.

    There are different techniques of “squeezing” our personal time. In different ways, we can change its density and achieve significant results in our field of endeavour. For this purpose, we can apply the power of our human will and also the power of modern technology at our disposal. If this power is in harmony with the state of consciousness, which applies it, then everything is all right; but if not, if we use this power without the preliminary purification and alignment of our consciousness and physical condition to the condition of Time where we appear, then we cannot exist in it, and our body begins to suffer. We in fact destroy it by exposing to the conditions with which we are not in harmony. It relates to any power which desires to quickly come to its goal at any price – it destroys itself!

    Working with Time is a way, a spiritual path, where achievements come by the way, at the right time. The most significant achievements are the results of intense life of devotion and sacrifice through many incarnations. We have heard of the highly advanced spiritual Teachers who abide in the Himalayas for maybe centuries. They are in control of their age and physical appearance. We have also evidences of the life of a “Wonder man of Europe”, Count Saint Germain, the Master of Alchemy. He amazed people with his unchanging age and other unusual abilities.

    These enlightened beings show us the endless possibilities of control over Time on the Path of enlightenment. In fact, life provides any human being with the possibilities of existence and advancement in the uninterrupted eternal flow of Time. In the process of reincarnation, a human being transfers from the physical condition to a different state of existence and returns into the physical form in the following embodiment. In any incarnation, there is a possibility to move to the “core”, to the inner Spirit, and to let the results to manifest in the uninterrupted flow of Time.

    Let us remember the immortal artifacts which have been created centuries ago, and some of them required more than a lifetime of one person to complete. The Mayan and Egyptian temple complexes, the Masonic works in Europe etc. We have the opportunity of enjoying them now, but what influenced their creators, what forced them to work hard though they knew that possibly would not finish their creations in a lifetime or at least would be unable to enjoy the “fruits” of their efforts?

    We can guess that, perhaps, they understood their life as an uninterrupted lifestream. Perhaps, with their creative work they could send a message through the Time to their own future incarnations. At least, they made the civilization’s culture continuous and uninterrupted. And if we, contemporary people, will manage to detach ourselves from pursuing immediate goals and prefer to fulfill our spiritual purpose as it comes to us at any moment in life, maybe we will make our lives continuously purposeful, excluding in such a way the very concept of interruption?

    You can say that not everyone is capable of creating immortal masterpieces of art. Maybe, but everyone has a spiritual purpose to fulfill, and one of the most common and most important purposes, aiming for the uninterrupted continuation of life in time, is rearing, educating and supporting children. They maintain the spiritual treasures of the civilization’s culture, and they continue its development. They form the young offspring of the “wave of life” that makes possible its uninterrupted existence.

    So, possibly, the uninterrupted immortality for a human being begins from the understanding of our participation in the “wave of life”. As parts, or particles, of this wave, we move with the wave and continuously go into its depths and rise to the surface again. What we will meet when returning depends on that what we have prepared before. If we have prepared cruelty, violence and selfishness, we will face them again and, possibly, this time as victims will be obliged to balance our past karma by suffering. If we have prepared the “golden era” of unity and brotherhood, then we will enjoy its appearance. It is up to us!




    ·        We described some of the aspects of working with personal time in our books The Laws of Life and The Return of the Prodigal Son, where we discussed the possibility of replacing the Summer, Autumn and Winter stages of life with the Eternal Spring. Also, we meditated on the possibility of transmuting every aspect of “death” into the growth of our Spirit. Such transmutation may eventually lead us to turn into a new being like a birth of the butterfly inside a caterpillar.