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    By Roza Riaikkenen


    Every society is built on an idea, or principle, which should unite the people of the society.

    I lived in the former USSR in a society that started with the principle: “Working people of all countries, unite!” In what should they unite? In taking from the rich and giving to the poor. At the beginning, this principle inspired many of the poor people, but when continuing to work, the “give” was forgotten, but the “take” remained. And so, those who were in power, tried to take from the people everything they could: free mind, time, self-respect, sometimes even life. In the 1990 USSR collapsed.

    Now I live in a society that started with Adam Smith’s principles: “Unintended consequences of intended action will be for the benefit of society at large”. In other words: “Do what you think is good for you, and unintentionally you will benefit others”. This principle unites the society by turning it into a free market. Its model assumes the absence of a monopoly and the more or less even powers of its participants. This principle worked, it is in action now, it was forming the mind and modes of life for many generations of people, but will it be viable in the future?

    We can see that with the passing of time and concentration of power in the hands of the minority the focus on self-interest is becoming rather dangerous for the society at large than benefiting. The power which pursues self-interest and doesn’t care about anything other than this puts strain on the people who have less power, on other societies that may become immersed in war because of this power and its interests, and notably on the environment which already backfires. Obviously, the Adam Smith’s principle is not an ideal to indefinitely follow in the future!

    I have never lived in a society that followed the principle: “Do your best for others and because you are united you will have everything you really need and be happy.” There wasn’t such society on the Earth yet, though I know many individuals who live and ever lived in conformity with this idea. Some of them are famous, like Mahatma Gandy, Helena Blavatsky or Albert Shweitzer. Most of them quietly do their job of love and service there where they feel their responsibility to do this job. And I have a dream that this type of consciousness will expand and prevail, and create a society of infinite possibilities, of peace and love and happiness.