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    By Roza Riaikkenen

    Published in Australian Theosophical Society Newsletter N63 September 1997



    Though we usually think of Love and Joy in the same breath, my meditation and experiences in Russia and Australia have suggested to me that they differ in many ways.

    Love is directed outwardly. By acting with Love, you share your heart love energy with other people, animals, plants and objects, or you can send your Love vibration to the Divine world.

    Unconditional Love and Forgiveness help to balance Karma, to create order, and to spiritually improve in many ways. Joy, on the other hand, is essentially an inner state. A person can be really happy only if he or she is joyful within themselves. Real happiness arises from inner spiritual realization of peacefulness and purpose which radiates joyfully outwards in everything we do.

    Love and Joy are constantly interacting. Man gives Love and produces Joy, he sends an impulse of Joy to the Divine worlds and receives in answer a spiritual flow of Divine love, which purifies his spiritual body and replenishes his etheric energies.

    Some nations, such as Russia, offer harsh conditions to the souls to incarnate there. Rigorous climate, a history of wars and tyranny seem to offer little room for Joy. People living in such countries develop their mechanisms of Love relating to those measures that have to be taken to survive and maintain their community.

    The necessity to love one’s children, Motherland, and national ideas arises in such conditions. People sense the common energy body of their family life, collective, nation and country and this sensation increases in condition of common trials.

    The harsh collective karma is being worn down through such expressions of Love. Such communities in the world today exist with little opportunity for the ordinary man to experience Joy and choice. The power lust of community leaders tends to produce a type of mental poison, weakening the community and its every member. How do sensitive and spiritually oriented people who are more and more in evidence in such places exist?

    Often they cannot speak with others concerning their ideas and spiritual yearnings. Mostly, they must retreat into the sacred depths of their own meditations seeking inspiration and answers from the Soul Wisdom within. They search for beauty and Love close to home in family and in the small and seemingly ordinary things of life.

    The few artistically gifted amongst them play their Love into artistic works in pictures, writings and thoughts which become messengers of beauty to radiate fine, magnificent Love vibrations to all those who encounter such works down through the ages.

    Anyone who has seen the great art works at the Hermitage museum in St Petersburg, listened to the music of Tchaikovsky, or read Tolstoy or Dostoyevsky will know what I mean.

    At the other extreme, people living in countries like Australia seem to have as their first priority the purpose of solving their personal karmic problems.

    The comparative freedom and tolerance of Australian society allow individuals to live their lives independently and to produce Joy even without much Love.

    The constant search for “Fun” indicates this quality. The behavior culture in such type of community requires respecting everyone’s will and individuality. According to the concept of freedom, nobody has a right to deprive another person of his or her Joy.

    In such a society as we have here, young people are growing up freely and independent minded. They don’t carry many limitations inside, they don’t feel fear as they might in other countries, they are aware the world belongs to them.

    In these conditions sometimes people don’t feel the need for giving Love – they have other sources of Joy. Then the euphoria of Joy leads to other extremes – individualism, which brings karma accumulation from the luck of Love. Under such conditions we see the well known signals of trouble in society such as strange maladies, divorces, disagreements and bad relations between parents and their kids.

    No matter in what conditions we find ourselves we can work for a balance between Love and Joy. They are two sides of the process of spiritual evolution and together speed human development. Every person striving to live an enlightened life can try and recognize whether he has a lack of Love or Joy in his universe. He can harmonize his life, working to replenish what he and his world needs.