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    By Roza and Margarita Riaikkenen


    The book Kalagia burst into the Russian spiritual life in 1993 with its exact definitions and mechanisms of the concepts that before haven’t been so clearly explained neither in the scientific nor in the esoteric literature. What is the Source of life and what is Life itself, what are Time, Energy and what is the creative Fire within any living entity? Why should we search for this Fire? After reading Kalagia, we begin to better understand these concepts and also receive a fresh outlook on the classics of the esoteric literature of the past.

    In The Secret Doctrine by H.P.Blavatsky (principal founder of the Theosophical Society in 1875), we can find the word “Kalagni”, where “kal” originates from the Sanskrit “tomorrow” and “Agni” is the God of Fire in Vedas, the exemplification of the finest vibrations of the inner creating and consuming Fire.

    Why “Fire”, and why “tomorrow”? We can find some clues to this enigma, when we remember that the Helena Blavatsky’s writings reflected messages which she received from the Masters of the Hierarchy of Light, from the World of high fiery vibrations. Her duty was to pass them on to mankind, as was the duty of the later messengers, who came in the 20th century, such as Nicholas and Helena Roerich, through the teachings of “Agni Yoga”. Before receiving and recording these teachings, in the snowy Himalayas, Nicholas Roerich heard the call of the Hierarchy of Light: “Kalagia!” which he understood as “come to Me!”

    Should all of us come to the Hierarchy of Light? And when should we come? Tomorrow? How can we do this?

    Half a century later, in the 1980s, a young Russian artist Alexander Naumkin, who lived then in South Siberia, in the Altai region, also received a call from a Master of the Hierarchy. He had to climb high to the holy mountain of Belucha, build there a hat, and in this remote place write down the teachings of “Kalagia”.

    It is not surprising that the new teachings have been received in Russia. Russia can be likened to a high pressure furnace or crucible. It is difficult to live there, and a seeker for spiritual Truth may be exposed to very harsh conditions; but perhaps the crystals of true knowledge can be passed to the world only through the devoted hearts which are ready to endure tough experiences. So, Alexander Naumkin had to go through the experiences of solitude and constant pain caused by direct contacts with the World of high fiery vibrations.

    The book Kalagia complements the books by H.P.Blavatsky and N. and H.Roerich with the exact esoteric scientific descriptions which were impossible to pass on through the earlier sources because at that time science hadn’t yet opened the concepts which could allow people to understand these descriptions. Kalagia depicts the picture of the creation of the universe by the creating Spirit, with Fire and Light. It opens us the mechanism of the Monad, a “cell” of Life, as a “reactor of evolution”.

    This is a real reactor, filled with the primordial Fire. We all carry this spiritual Fire within, if even we don’t know or care about this. We have covered this Fire, our spiritual Essence, with the veil of Maya, Illusion, and are going through our experiences in the solid material world as if it is the only reality. Clouded in this Illusion, we only see ourselves as mortal, “one-lifetime” people, and all our efforts are directed to further augment our possessions in the material world, to consume and entertain ourselves in this world.

    Kalagia shows us that in reality we are immortal, that “Life is the endless transmutation of death into the growth of Spirit, into the concentration of Its possibilities. This is an aspect of Matter’s spirituality – aspiration to the future, and, in this way, the formation of the ingredients of Order from Chaos”.

    Kalagia predicts that “tomorrow”, when we come to the awareness of our immortal inner fiery essence, we will return into the Fire of our “reactor”, accomplishing our evolution. We will re-orient our consciousness from consumption to giving. We will voluntarily, with Love and Joy, sacrifice our illusory possessions for the possibility of our evolution.

    Kalagia has never been translated into any language other than Russian. To do this, its knowledge should be perceived in its fiery essence, let through and passed on. We have made a humble effort of translating some of the main principles and mechanisms of Kalagia in our books The Laws of Life and The Return of the Prodigal Son. We tried to connect the wisdom of Kalagia with that which we received from the earlier sources, including The Bhagavad Gita, The Holy Bible, the writings by H.P.Blavatsky, N. and H.Roerich and other messengers, and the insights that we received from within when going through our own experiences of life.