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    By Roza and Margarita Riaikkenen

    Thisis the revised text of a lecture given by the authors at a public meeting ofthe Theosophical Society (Pasadena)in Melbourneon June 3rd 2000.


    None living being on ourplanet could exist without the signals which direct its attention to the momentof choice. For example, thirst and hunger signal us that we are in need forwater and food to replenish the chemical energy of our physical body. Painsignalises us that something is damaged or going wrong with our health. Removethese signals completely, and we will not survive.

    There are also signals aimedto directing us towards our collective survival and development as a system oflife on our planet Earth. The climate condition of the Earth, the condition ofmental and physical health of its population, their peaceful or war-likeattitudes – all of this expresses itself as signals which should speak aloud toanyone with conscience, caring for the future life on our planet.

    What happens when we don’t listen to thesignals, when we are deaf to them? In fact, the people of our civilization dideverything to be able not to listen to even the loudest and naturally insistentof the signals, like pain or hunger, not saying about the finest signals of conscience.We invented painkillers to eliminate the signals of pain, and appetisers, whichtempt us to eat long before we feel any hunger. We like the comforts of ourlife, even at the expense of the life on the Earth itself, and trust any voicethat lulls our conscience.

    As all of us people are like cells in theorganism of life on our planet, it is obvious that we support our common lifeby harmoniously interacting with each other and with the planet itself. Wereceive plenty of true signals, both from inside and outside, for ourinteraction – we should just listen to them and be ready to change, tosacrifice and to care. If we learn to distinguish these signals from the destructivesignals of selfishness, greed and fear; if we follow the urge of the true signalsfor compassion, generosity and courage, we will eventually be able to establishthe Golden Era of peace and love on the Earth. And who knows, maybe the cellsof our bodies will follow the trend of our consciousness, and our health, ascommon, as individual, will significantly improve.

    So, how can we betterunderstand our personal signals aimed to directing us towards our spiritualpurpose – towards our role in life’s harmonization? As our spiritual purpose isindissolubly connected with our karma, we call them “karmic signals”. Weanalyse the karmic signals in our book TheLaws of Life, and describe the method of working with them in its sequel The Return of the Prodigal Son (bothbooks in one volume, The Laws of Life,

    None is exempt from the Law of Karma, and westart our current incarnation from the state which we achieved before. We canask: “Are we a result of our past Karma?” And find the answer: “Yes, we are.But simultaneously we are also our future achievements. In the oneness of Unitywe are Spirit, we are God… Everything in one point of Time,past and future, “here and now”. And from this point, from our future,we receive possibilities for our spiritual growth, for our purpose thatattracts us from this future. We receive possibilities for our spiritualpurpose, choices of their application, and signals. These signals show uswhether we are on a right way to our Evolution or we deviate from this straightway of harmony.”

    In our book, we analyse what are the karmic signals.“Every Monad incarnates as a human being on Earth to fulfil a spiritualpurpose. It voluntarily chooses the necessary for spiritual maturationconditions and experiences. While we are going through these experiences, thesubtlest, but most insistent signals come to us from within, from our spiritualEssence that is aware of our Path.” Whatever we call this: intuition,subconscious, the voice of conscience or otherwise – this is the voice of ourinner real Essence. It may signal us in different ways, but anyway weunderstand that we cannot deny this signal. Its urge is so strong that people under its influence sometimes makestrange decisions, from the materialistic point of view, when they sense thatthese decisions are right in the True Reality of Spirit. If in accordance withCosmic Law, such decisions would appear to be perfectly valid.

    “The Divine Hierarchy is communicating with usconstantly. Not by talking with us as such, but rather by signals that we canappreciate from within. When we completely trust these signals, they are ableto assist us on our way. If we remain clean and disinterested in the results,then these signals come to us without distortion. But when people try toacquire psychic powers or amusements, especially by using psychedelic drugs andspecial practices, they attract signals from the lower Astral World, fromentities whose energy vibrations are similar to theirs. Then their practicescan turn into a nightmare and lead quite literally to madness. The only meansto avoid this sad fate is purity. Purity of heart, purity ofmind and purity of intent. Purity doesn’t have any attraction for darkentities that can potentially harm us.”

    The most usual versions of karmic signals arethe signals that we receive as our life experiences. We can notice them dailyas unexpected changes and unplanned events in our life, and as the so-called“coincidences”. These signals often concentrate at the times of inevitable changein our life, when we have to make decisions defining our future development. Itis very important to have a mental “tool”, a method, which would help us tonotice, to understand and to work with the karmic signals in these cases.

    So, how can we work with Signals? In The Laws of Life we explain:

    “There is a common mechanism – what youconcentrate upon that you develop. When you receive a signal in your dailylife, you choose your own explanation – whether from the materialistic or fromthe spiritual viewpoint. If you concentrate on its physical material meaning,then you attempt to improve the material conditions of your life. You don’tcare about how your decisions will affect your spiritual aspects of life. Therelated unbalanced Karma may bring you similar experiences in the future.Usually, their signals become even stronger. Eventually, you should hearken tothem and ask yourself what they mean!

    When you focus your attention on the spiritualmeaning of a karmic signal, then you improve your spiritual condition, balance Karma,and the physical conditions of your life undergo changes in conformity withyour new spiritual state. To explain: we know that all problems in humanphysical body are effects of spiritual karmic causes. For example, the problemsof teeth and jaw are often connected with tensions in the area of mouth. Whenwe feel toothache, we go to a dentist to treat decay. Temporarily, we fix theproblem by physical means, but how many times do we visit dentists throughoutour life!

    When we focus on a possible spiritual cause ofour toothache, then we understand that, perhaps, we unconsciously misused themighty spiritual mechanism of feeling and speech. Maybe, we were angry andunwisely focused on our anger, causing tension in the mouth. What is more,maybe, we expressed our anger in words, and let the low vibrations ofirritation to use the channel which has been meant for the sacred sounds ofprayers and mantras.

    The higher the spiritual level thehigher responsibility for the pronounced words. For an advanced human being, any empty chatteris acting as energy contamination, collecting Karma of the sacred channel’smisusing.

    When anything happens, i.e. we receive a karmicsignal, we usually ask “why?” and look for answers into our past. We shouldalso ask “what for?” Then we will be able to find out the purpose of thissignal, balance the related Karma and annihilate the very cause of similarsignals. By constantly working with karmic signals, we begin to betterunderstand the spiritual purpose of our current incarnation on the Path ofEvolution.”

    The Method of Karmic Signals (see The Return of the Prodigal Son) helps usto understand and apply the signals for our soul’s learning. This methodrequires attention to any event in our life. This method requires alsoobserving everything with expanded consciousness from the standpoint of Spiritand not just through earthly considerations, which is most commonly the case.

    The method of karmic signals is a practicalmethod of diagnosing human activity, based on observation and analysis of karmicsignals. When applied together with the method of “widening of consciousness”and other means of spiritual improvement, it helps to increase the efficiencyof life and avoid many karmic troubles.

    A karmic signal can be likened to “traffic lights”telling us we are approaching an “intersection”, where we should make ourchoice – in which direction to move further. On the road we observe all thesigns and signals before choosing our way. Similar observation and vigilance toall the signals is necessary if we want to rightly direct our life.

     In our lifesituations, we often have too little information for a right decision andchoice. But we know that every our step will be followed by a signal: “the wayis unfolding or not” and “reward or punishment”. If we notice these signals, wecan continue forward having observed the consequences of our first step. Then,from the state of analytical meditation, we are able to decide, either it isright to continue in this direction, or not.

    There may be various obstacles on the path. If youfeel yourself like being at a deadlock, then, perhaps, you should change yourdirection. But when it is only resistance to your motion, the obstacle mayprovide the necessary strain for your “magnet”. By overcoming difficulties, youincrease your spiritual momentum.

    The way may “spread” for some time, with onlyrewards and success, and then suddenly – obstacles occur and success finishes.What does it mean? Possibly, we have already exhausted the possibilities ofthis particular way for our spiritual development. We have passed all thenecessary experiences on this way and have to change the direction orcoordinate of our movement, but we continue to cling to our old habits and fearto change anything.

    Any signal comes into human life as a call todevelop consciousness because the state of consciousness defines all ourthoughts, actions and feelings. The human mind often tries to live with thepast and maintain the past opinions and points of view. In our imagination, wemay see the future as a projection of the past. That is why life seems sotough, when we encounter a sudden change of situation. But we desperately needthese changes to make choices on the path and to develop our Soul.

    Helena Roerich writes in Agni-Yogadictated by her Teacher of Wisdom from the Hierarchy of Light: “People preferall would be done, as usually, by old means. But Weprefer sudden actions and the same effects. People feel happy, when anything‘pleasant’ is made in their ordinary condition, but Wedesire a greater success. You have to learn to consider the true harm andbenefit of all events. It is difficult to send people the currents of aparticular achievement, when they avoid particular ways. We are all familiarwith people surrounded by prosperity, but what if they knew the spiritualtreasures they deprive themselves of by prosperity? People want to fulfil theirordinary habits, forgetting that the habits of the body instil the habits ofthe spirit as well. The spirit becomes weak and begins to be careful of boldactions.” (Agni Yoga, 262).

    So, according to Agni Yoga,we receive assistance from on High and “the currents of a particularachievement”, when we respond to the signal in a creative way and arecourageous enough to choose particular and difficult ways.

    In the True Reality we are in Unity. We receivesignals from this Unity and its parts, for example, other people. We receiveback the consequences of our own actions. This helps us to understand ourmistakes and spiritually improve. In addition, through seemingly negativesignals we can penetrate the roots of our problems. If we face an obstacle, welook for the lesson it tries to teach us. Our Ego can consider obstacles asunpleasant circumstances or limitations, but the Higher Self is aware of theirspiritual purposes.

    How do we apply this method? In our usual socialgoal-oriented existence we are unaware of our spiritual goal in the Unity. Wedon’t know what kind of connections and consequences will follow our actions.If we are confronted with the reality of life, we feel resistance, we try to“break the situation” and reach our target. In time we and, maybe, ourdescendants will suffer from the karmic effects of our disharmonious willpower.

    When one adopts the method of karmic signals, he canavoid future actions, aggravating his Karma, and consequently their effects.This method works also in the case where one decides to correct his previousmistakes. If he interprets every unpleasant event as a karmic signal (inreality it is true), he receives the opportunity of making the retrospectiveanalysis of his actions, thoughts and emotions. In some cases, if one isalready spiritually mature enough, he is able to extract the moment of thekarmic choice from the past, become aware of his misdeed and repent. Perhaps,this is an only meaningful way of applying to the past.

    After sincere repentance, in the case where a man hasfound the real cause of the signal and tries to improve, he balances Karma. Thesignal (disease or another trouble) becomes unnecessary and disappears togetherwith the related Karma.

    Like with any spiritual technique, we need somepractice to successfully apply the method of karmic signals. When we expand ourconsciousness and understand any possible technique as a part of our commonspiritual education, then it begins to work and assist us in everymanifestation of our life.

    Question: Myfriend is a successful tradesman. I was much better at school and university,and helped him with his projects. So, I hoped to succeed too, but when Idecided to follow him in his trade, I failed to make profit. Everything I dogoes wrong and I can’t understand why?

    Comment: Youhave your own spiritual way different from your friend’s path. Maybe, you areunder a grosser demand from on High? Your belief that you must make money like“all people do” lowers your vibrations and closes the channels of connectionwith the Divine Hierarchy. Therefore, you receive negative signals about yourwrong choice. They will become stronger and stronger until you make a rightchoice leading to your spiritual development and service. Search for your ownunfolding pathway!

    Question: I wasinvolved in a car accident, and I cannot understand why. I know I am not theworld’s best driver, but now am scared maybe I shouldn’t drive at all?

    Comment: Fearcloses us from the divine energy and produces wrong thoughtforms.The method of karmic signals gives no prohibitions but only invitations tocorrections. The question “why?” relates to the past. Of course, we can analyseour past thoughts and actions, and find different aspects of karmicconnections. But when we are searching for the solutions for our future, thenthe main question of this method is not “why?” but “what for?”  So, “what for” was the accident? What are thecontents of the lesson you received? How could you use this condition totransfer from self-preservation and fear to creativity and joy?

    Ifwe turn every signal into the invitation to co-creation with Spirit, we acquireskills and speed our spiritual development. No doubt, this is the right wayfrom the standpoint of the True Reality.

    Question: How isit possible to exact the circumstances of a karmic “mistake” (if there is sucha thing) when the cause may lie in a previous life? Maybe it is best to leavethis in the past and get on with living more enlightened life now?

    Comment: What isthe existence of the lifestream consisting of manyincarnations like? It is like a school where we are passing our experiences,making choices and, through these experiences and choices, mastering thenecessary background for enlightenment and the development of spiritualqualities. What happens in a situation where we have missed a chance of drawingspiritual lessons? Then, whether we call it a karmic “mistake” or not, inconformity with the law of Karma we have to face a similar situation lateragain. But we face it in different circumstances, sometimes even in differentlives, where the conditions to face this situation may be less advantageousthan now. Therefore, it is best to tackle our problems, no matter howdifficult, at the time they appear, and not put them off until later.

    Whena student leaves a question from his past studies unresolved, he will createproblems for himself in the future. He will be finally forced to return andclarify the subject he refused to study earlier. The same applies in our lifestudies. We should be interested to examine our recurring problems, so that wemay find the spiritual characteristics that we have to acquire. In such a way,the method of karmic signals can forward our purification andenlightenment.