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    By Roza and Margarita Riaikkenen

      The following is the text of a lecture given by the authors to a meeting of the Theosophical Society (Pasadena) in Melbourne, Australia



    In the Cosmos, everything is connected and held together thanks to the ever acting force of attraction. When closely observing this force, we find behind it the mechanism of magnetism.

    Helena Roerich’s Ascended Teacher gave her an understanding of this mechanism communicated to us through her book, Agni Yoga, especially the section of this book called “Infinity”.

    Agni Yoga tells us: “Everything corresponds to each other. Everything is mutually attracted and everything is reflected in the bottomless ocean of creativity.” (Agni Yoga, Infinity, part 1, 26).

    The Mechanism of the Cosmic Magnet: Any Essence in the entire Cosmos is manifested as a hologram of the Spirit. Any Essence contains the “core of the Spirit”, as it is called in Agni Yoga. This “core” is a cosmic magnet attracting other “cores” in conformity with the quality of their vibrations (“Similar attracts similar”). The power of attraction depends on the spiritual might or “momentum” of the Essence, and the latter – on the level of its vibrations’ frequency. The higher vibrations, the mightier the Essence.

    In the multi-dimensionality of the Cosmos, the highest frequencies of Fire energy vibrations belong to the Essences of higher and larger Consciousness, which expresses itself also through a larger number of dimensions. The Divine Hierarchy becomes composed in conformity with the law of the Cosmic Magnet. Every Essence takes a place according to the momentum of its Magnet.

    In fact, the Cosmic Magnet is the mechanism of the law of Unity. Its action tends to reconnect everything that has been separated as opposites in the process of Involution, in conformity with the similarity of their purposes. These opposites are parts of the Unity; therefore their separation creates the strain of magnetism. The opposites, like “plus” and “minus” in a permanent magnet, attract each other because they tend to become united, to come to their Wholeness. But their separation is continuing, and the power of attraction is creating strain. This strain is the creative force of the Universe.

    The Results of the Magnet’s Action: Creativity of the Spirit in Cosmos and learning through creativity is the purpose and the meaning of life and magnetism of every Essence. “The combination of cosmic transformations is called cosmic creativity. When the Cosmos displaces powers, the balance of spheres is broken. When the equilibrium of powers is eliminated, then the powers of space become attracted to the new tension, and the Cosmic Magnet strains cosmic symmetry. ‘Infinity’ is created in such a way.” (Agni Yoga, Infinity, part 2, 623).

    The final result of the Cosmic Magnet’s centripetal action is unification. Striving for the centre, which is in the nature of the Cosmic Magnet, becomes reflected in different forms. For example, in the manifested Universe, the law of the Cosmic Magnet is acting as the law of Gravitation. We can see how the mechanism of this law is “fastening” the Essences in Space.

    We can also see manifestations of the cosmic magnet in the micro-world of electrically charged electrons and other particles, which are held together by the electro-magnetic forces. “As above, so below”.

    The resultant effect of the centripetal action of the Magnet could bring all forms of Existence into one point without any time or material extent, but there are other cosmic laws and forces in the Infinity, which prevent this occurring during the Manvantara or period of manifestation. There is a constant flow of the divine Love energy realising the Spirit’s centrifugal tendency of creation and manifestation. Therefore, immense tensions and pressures appear at every point of Infinity. Together, these forces bring the Essences to rotation.

    The cyclic processes from the Prima Materia till the Solid World are examples of manifestation of the law of the Cosmic Magnet. The essence of these processes is the universal process of Involution and Evolution. The Trinity of the cosmic laws: the law of Love (the flow of divine energy), the law of the Cosmic Magnet and the regulator of the law of Karma together form a great “cosmic converter”, which is relentlessly generating and creating in the Infinity of Cosmos, in a multitude of manifestations.

    “The Celestial Bodies in their rotation attract and draw energies into their orbits; therefore, the creativity of Celestial Bodies saturates the Universe. The characteristic of the core of spirit is established for the entire Manvantara and makes an identical essence with the Celestial Body. Certainly, the monad is also saturated by Celestial Bodies, because it makes the core of the spirit.” (Agni Yoga, Infinity, part 2, 328). We, humans, experience the attraction of the Cosmic Magnet from the Celestial Essences through their Rays, meaning the Rays of their Consciousness. This energy is coloured with spectrums of vibrations of the Rays. In response, we send our thought energy, connecting to the Magnet of the higher Essence with our attitude and aspiration. In such manner, we realise our combined creative efforts.

    Human Monads and the Cosmic Magnet: Every human Monad, as the Spirit’s particle, under the power of the Cosmic Magnet, generates fine signals, a kind of “energy instinct”. These signals dictate the direction for the human aspiration. Everyone can hear them. When our spiritual “ear” is clear and sensitive enough, we feel the attraction of the Cosmic Magnet in our life. We meet people and circumstances that help us to fulfil our spiritual purposes. We literally become attracted to each other. The Cosmic Magnet is attracting us to the circumstances where we are obliged to make our choices and, in conformity with them, either to collect or balance our Karma.

    “When the Cosmic Magnet attracts parts that are predetermined to be amalgamated, then all obstacles become obliterated by the power of attraction. Therefore, overcoming obstacles leads to the predetermined result. The currents of the Cosmic Magnet are immutable. Indeed, the holy Magnet is the might of Being!” (Agni Yoga, Infinity, part 2, 528).

    The Cosmic Magnet in the Planet’s Life: Not only individuals, but also entire Global Races communicate and replace each other in conformity with the action of the Cosmic Magnet – the mechanism and force of Unification (Evolution). Therefore, according to Agni Yoga, cosmic magnetism withstands forces, which confront Evolution, and supports those that go in a harmonious direction. This mechanism is working automatically, and becomes particularly important in the time of planetary changes. Agni Yoga reveals the importance of understanding the essence of the Cosmic Magnet in this day and age:

    ”Awareness about the Cosmic Magnet will help humanity to understand all radical planetary changes. When spirit can accept the essence of the Magnet, then it is able to penetrate into the high spheres. Knowledge of the law of Magnetic attraction in its application in life will grant understanding of the highest spheres.

    When the Cosmic Magnet predetermines a planetary phenomenon, then this law strains all the surrounding layers of Cosmos. When the layers of people's deeds wrap into gloom, then the Cosmic Magnet establishes the conforming phenomenon. Therefore, the Celestial Entities surrounding the planet are acting in collaboration with the Cosmic Magnet.” (Agni Yoga, Infinity, part 2, 511).

    The Power of Human Magnet: Celestial Bodies representing the spiritual Essences of Light, assist our planet and us humans in our aspiration to Evolution, with their magnetic power. Imagine the tension of fire inside the stars! This is the condition of their Magnet’s action. If we want to create in cooperation with them, our own magnet has to be strained also with the maximal power possible for us. A weak spirit doesn’t attract and create. Strain is a compulsory condition of creation. That is why we need to set ourselves difficult tasks and be not afraid of dire circumstances that may accompany their fulfilment.

    Contemporary civilisation has established different means and mechanisms allowing people to avoid pain and strain. We can take tablets and buy the assistance of health professionals, replacing our own efforts of balancing Karma and our spiritual development, instead of combining our own effort with the assistance we receive. In such a way, we delay our karmic responsibilities and deprive ourselves of the state of challenge, which is the only circumstance that can bring us to the level of creative strain necessary to increase the strength of our Magnet. Conversely, when we accept our responsibility and challenge our weakness and darkness, then we create through our efforts.

    The contemporary generation inherited some cultural treasures that came from on High through the devotion and strain of their authors. The beautiful books by Leo Tolstoy and Helena Blavatsky, the paintings by Rembrandt and Van Gough and the music by Mozart and Beethoven are examples of such treasures of culture. The tense and stressful life of these creative people gives an example of devotion to the manifestation of spiritual Light. As a result, their great works pass on to us the inspiring flow of divine energy that has been attracted by the authors’ Magnet. Sometimes we don’t even suspect the level of pain and patience that allowed the creation of such Beauty!

    These are the examples of the eternal action of the Cosmic Magnet in humans, where their selfless application of this powerful mechanism produces Beauty. Quite the reverse, when the human Magnet becomes applied for selfish purposes, then it produces Karma.

    Buddha opened for us the main mechanism of the Kali Yuga – the mechanism of desires. People would do everything to gratify their desires, from the simplest and most insistent, like the desire for food and energy in common, to the most sophisticated desires for different means of self-indulgence. And yes, it works! The Magnet can attract everything to which we are striving. This is why it sometimes seems that our desires are the only possible engine driving our life.

    Buddha wasn’t hiding from us the back side of the Magnet’s action – the karmic mechanism of redemption through suffering. It is going together, hand by hand, gratification of desires and subsequent suffering from the accumulated Karma. Buddha advised us to renounce our desires, but we are free to choose where and how to apply our mighty tool, with which every one of us is endowed, - our Cosmic Magnet.

    We will attract the people and circumstances, which conform to our choice and the power of our personal magnet. In fact, all of us form certain centres of magnetic attraction, which together make the pattern of humanity’s destiny.

    Question: Why does my destiny constantly return me to the same difficult situations, or into the same places, or to the same people that were in some way connected with my past?

    Comment: The Space Memory contains the records of your spiritual qualities that have to be mastered in the current incarnation. For this purpose, certain situations have to provide options for your choice. The Cosmic Magnet attracts you to people, places and events which lead you to the points of choice and provide you with the opportunities to fulfil your spiritual duties. Sometimes your choice balances Karma, and the spiritual task becomes solved. Sometimes, quite the reverse, your choice collects new Karma, and it has to be balanced in the future. Then the law of Karma may force you to return into a similar situation, or to the same place or people. It depends on the lesson that has to be learnt through your experiences. In the place, where you have been before, you have left – a trace of your magnetism. The Cosmic Magnet attracts you to it, if Karma is yet not worked out and the necessary spiritual duties aren’t fulfilled.