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    By Roza and Margarita Riaikkenen

      The following is the text of a lecture given by the authors to a meeting of the Theosophical Society (Pasadena) in Melbourne, Australia




    What do we understand as human Evolution? For the answer, let’s undertake the adventure of travelling to the very core of the Existence.

    We understand that everything originates from one source, which we can call Spirit, Substance-Principle, Prima Materia, Brahman or simply “the Source”. Let us call this Source Spirit. Spirit is the source of any energy and the energy itself. It is creating universes with the vibrations of this energy, starting from the primordial Fire and Light (Spirit’s Consciousness).

    The finest vibrations of Fire and Light are the “building material” of the first holograms of Matter. As vibrations lessen their frequency, their holograms solidify. In such a way, through the process of its Involution, Spirit is forming the holograms of Mater, starting from the finest of them, almost pure spirit, and ending with those which we see as solid matter.

    When we look at us, human beings, we can see that we, resulting from the process of Spirit’s Involution, reflect all the stages of this process. We possess a solid physical body, intermediate fine bodies (like astral, ethereal, etc, there are different naming systems), and our spiritual essence, which is pure Spirit.

    We understand as human Evolution the process of returning to Spirit – our spiritual ascent. In this process, we are purifying and refining our vibrations until all of them come to the pure condition of Spirit.

    How can we do this? Aren’t we let into our world and then lost without any idea of how we can return to our Father – Spirit? It appears that we have been provided with a powerful instrument for our return – the “Reactor of Evolution”, which every one of us carries within – the acing reactor of our Monad. This is a real reactor, with energies much more powerful than those in the man-made nuclear reactors. They are of the same nature, matter-to-energy transformation, but the reactor of Evolution is operating with much finer vibrations of primordial Fire.

    This is a very brief picture of the core mechanism of human Monad. You can find a more detailed description and also the symbolic picture of the “Reactor of Evolution” in our book The Laws of Life (


      The picture of the “Reactor of Evolution” shows us the process of manifestation of the higher dimensions of Spirit in the Monad and the seven layers-envelopes of the Monad’s Body. Three highest levels correspond to the deepest layers of the “Reactor of Evolution”. These are levels of the Fiery World of Spirit – the levels of Spirit, the Logos and the Monad. The Monad is like a spiritual “seed” of any living entity, abiding in its sacred depths and connecting it with Spirit.

    We could draw some notion of the Monad’s mechanisms from different esoteric descriptions. Stanza IV in The Secret Doctrine by H.P.Blavatsky shows the differentiation of the One “into the septenary hierarchy of conscious Divine Powers, who are the active manifestations of the One Supreme Energy”. According to Alice Bailey’s Esoteric Astrology, the seven energy centres of the Supreme Being radiate the seven Energies, or Rays, which create and control every shape in the manifest Universe (perhaps, the term “hologram” rather than “shape” would be more precise).

    The seven energies, or rays, organize seven energy centres in every hologram and repeatedly appear in every “cosmos”, from the macrocosm of a Solar Universe to the microcosm of every great and tiny entity living within it.

    We found the most precise and detailed description of the “reactor” in Kalagia – the book of Maitreya’s teaching, channelled in the 1990s by A.Naumkin in Russia. As Kalagia explains: “We can symbolically call the Monad an energy capsule filled with Information and Fire that make the human Essence.” 

    The Monad is “enveloped” in seven “envelopes” that manifest the Monad’s multi-dimensional “body”. The frequencies of the “envelopes’” energy vibrations conform to the frequencies of vibrations of the seven layers of the human spiritual (energy) body.

    Kalagia writes: “Inside the Monad, the Fiery Core of the human Spirit is in a state of dreaming. We should awaken it, to be precise awaken a human being for the activity of the Fiery Core of his Spirit.” H.P.Blavatsky also referred to people being “lost” or “asleep”.

    When an awakening human being begins the journey along the spiritual path, penetrating into his or her “Reactor of Evolution”, then the Monad’s “envelopes” begin to open and the spiritual body, the Soul – to flourish. The deeper in the “Reactor of Evolution” the higher the frequency of energy vibrations, the mightier their power, the finer and more beautiful their manifestations.

    As the seven Rays have formed our consciousness and human form, so, on our Path to Unity, we receive the assistance and guidance of the Planetary Spirits, Lords of the Seven Rays, and the opportunity of spiritually developing through our service to these Rays.

    We can find information about the Lords of the Rays and descriptions of their assistance and our duties on the Path in the books of Agni Yoga by Helena Roerich, in books by Alice Bailey and Mark and Elizabeth Prophet, for example, in the book Lords of the Seven Rays. The spiritual path leads us eventually to unity. We follow in the footsteps of Ascended Masters, known also as the Lords of the Rays, through the mystery of Ascension.

    One of these Masters, the Ascended Master Serapis Bey speaks of the “anchor beyond the veil” that “draws you into a state of consciousness wherein God can use you more as an effective instrument for good” (Dossier on the Ascension). When a man anchors his consciousness in the Highest and requests assistance from the Higher Powers, he can receive a boundless flow of pure divine energy. Human aspiration to the heights of the Spirit becomes the guiding thread, arrow, or vector, applying this energy for Ascension.

    On each level of spiritual development, a man is undergoing his trials. The temptation may arise to wander from the spiritual path when the impurity of the remaining low human vibrations in the constitution of the spiritual aspirant begins to attract similarly impure entities from invisible lower worlds. Sometimes a man is tempted to apply occult powers to satisfy the self-centred desires of his Lower Self. As H.P.Blavatsky writes in one of her letters, in this case “these capacities running riot, controlling instead of being controlled, using instead of being used, lead the student into the most dangerous delusions and the certainty of moral destruction”. As a consequence, a man becomes entangled into another cycle of terrestrial experiences and trials. He accumulates Karma by using divine energy for his low desires. He thus contaminates his own energy body, and eventually, after much suffering, comes to an awareness of his spiritual duties and returns to his spiritual path.

    The method and mechanism that allows man to avoid this repetition of trials is connected with constantly improving his energy vibrations and attuning himself to the multi-dimensional vibrations of the higher levels of Existence (the deeper levels of the “reactor”). “Tuning” is possible through our sensations and feelings in our own octave of Existence.

    There are seven notes in the octave, seven colours in the rainbow and seven main Chakras (energy centres) in the human energy body, which serve as instruments for this tuning. With these instruments, we are capable of perceiving direct assistance from Essences whose consciousness reaches seven dimensions, i.e. the real kingdom above humans – the various grades of Gods, or Dhyan Chohans, as they are known in theosophy, – seven levels of awareness. They are helping us on the seven Rays. Each of these Rays has its note and colour, and helps us to develop certain spiritual qualities that we need if we intend to reach the next level of consciousness. We are capable of gradually reaching the fourth, fifth, sixth and, finally, seventh dimension of consciousness. Then we will be capable of “jumping” into the next octave of higher vibrations that are inconceivable from our contemporary state of consciousness.

    Elizabeth Haich calls “seven” “the main number of the three-dimensional world” in her book Initiation. In Russian, the word “family” is pronounced as “seven I”. Perhaps, the number “eight”, from the standpoint of the three-dimensional man, means transition into the next octave of dimensions. It denotes the state of consciousness where the seven ascend to their Higher Selves and come to unity on a higher level of the spiritual hierarchy.

    This is the Path to Unity with Spirit within the “Reactor of Evolution”. Plato described this as the process of “unforgetting”. This means that because a person contains all the planes of the Universe within, a person has an “Inner God”, or “Buddha”, already fully aware within. All we have to do is to remove the barriers to such a Buddha within.

    The process of “unforgetting” is leading our consciousness to the centre of the “Reactor of Evolution” – to Spirit within our Monad – by the means of gradually removing the energy barriers and appearing in the higher energy layers. An opposite process of “forgetting” is also possible. In this case people begin to build complementary energy barriers, “cocoons”, in their consciousness. These barriers envelope their consciousness from Spirit, and they eventually “forget” about their spiritual purpose. After “forgetting”, their consciousness exists almost completely within the Illusion (Maya) of these “cocoons” until the moment of spiritual “awakening”, changing the direction of development and aspiring to the unfolding of the envelopes of “cocoons”.