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    By Roza Riaikkenen

    Published in Australian Theosophical Society Newsletter N51 March 1997



    The Law of Freewill and Choice shows everyone’s opinions and duties to make a choice in every situation. Every day, each of us chooses his steps on the path of life. Our future life and indeed our very Destiny depend on our previous decisions.

    When we choose something, we can make alternatively a spiritual or mundane choice. A spiritual choice is a choice in harmony with all Cosmic laws. It is a choice made “on the razor’s edge” of our spiritual path. When we make a spiritual choice, our spirit develops and it sends fine vibrations of Love toward the Cosmos and the Divine Hierarchy.

    In this stage a human being always receives Divine help to fulfill his spiritually motivated deeds. Our unusual spiritual choice breaking our own barriers can sometimes bring new beautiful possibilities.

    On the contrary, when we make an unspiritual, disharmonious choice, we receive signals showing we are headed up the wrong path. It is connected with the accumulation of Karma according to another of the fundamental Laws – the Law of Karma, or Action and Reaction.

    The cause of all accidents, diseases and unhappy events in anyone’s life is hidden in present and past transgressions of the Karmic law.

    Sometimes we create grand schemes but fall way short of the mark in real life. We have made a chain of choices to fulfill our plan, and every disharmonious choice has brought us some negative karmic consequences. The chain of these real results can break any grand imaginary plan.

    Therefore it is best not to make any hard and fast plans, but aspire to fulfill your spiritual purpose and observe all the signs you may meet along life’s journey.

    If we all knew how to analyze our life signals, we could make our decisions consciously and avoid some at least of the possible negative consequences. We could make only harmonic choices and become spiritual, pure, healthy and happy people.